What is Micro TESE/TESA ?

With TESA or Micro TESE, sperm cells are sought. Some men may not have sperm in their semen. With this method, it is tried to find sperm from the testicles. Micro TESE procedure is performed together with microscopic surgery.

What Should Be Considered After The Operation?

Below are the issues to be careful about as a result of surgical application. These issues are as follows:

• No sexual intercourse should be experienced during the 10-day period.

• It is forbidden to take a bath for 5 days after the surgery.

• Any bleeding, swelling, redness, pain etc. in the body. A doctor should be consulted without losing time in experiencing the events.

If the above-mentioned issues are carefully considered, the healing process is accelerated.

Who Can Have TESA or Micro TESE?

The characteristics of the people to whom the TESA or Micro TESE process is applied are listed below. These features are:

It is used in the absence of sperm output. In such cases, genetic or hormonal disorders prevent sperm output.

• It is performed when the sperm ducts are blocked.

• It is applied in the absence of sperm channels.

• It is applied in problems caused by radiation and chemotherapy.

• When the sperm structure is damaged, the procedure can be applied.

In the above-mentioned cases, success can be achieved at the rate of 20% – 50% in live sperm processes.

TESE Application

Local anesthesia is primarily applied in TESE procedures. Then, sperm is tried to be taken from the testicles. With this method, the rate of sperm retrieval is quite high for azoosperm to be obstructive. In addition, 50% of sperm can be found in the fact that azoosperm is not occlusive. Freezing of the excess sperm remaining as a result of the operation can be performed.

TESA Implementation

 Although some men have sperm production, there is a situation where there is no sperm in the semen. In such cases, TESA process is applied. There are no problems with the reproduction of the sperm obtained as a result of the procedure. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient during the operation. For this reason, there are no difficulties after the operation. In addition, no harm is done to the sexual functions of men after this procedure. Below are the situations in which TESA application was made. These situations are given as follows:

• It is applied in primary testicular problems.

• The procedure is applied in cases of congestion occurring in the genital tract.

• TESA operation is performed after vasectomy or unsuccessful vasectomy reversal procedures.

MESA Application

In MESA procedures, sperms in the epididymis are obtained. This process is carried out by taking tissue from this structure. While the procedure is taking place, patients are given local anesthesia.

PESA Application

Searching for sperm in the epididymis tissue is carried out by inserting a needle. This method is called the PESA process. The reason for the operation from this tissue is that sperm cells mature in this tissue and gain the ability to move.

Micro TESE Application

The success rate achieved in Micro TESE operations for many years is very high. With the high-tech devices used, the location of the places where sperms are produced is reached. With this method, the vessels experience less damage in obtaining sperm. For this reason, the recovery time of the patients is shorter than other surgical procedures. If the sperm ducts are blocked, it is entered with the help of a needle. This needle used in the operation is very thin. With the help of this needle, great successes are achieved in finding sperm. In the application of the micro TESE procedure, patients are anesthetized with local anesthesia. In this way, no pain is felt during the operation. In addition, as a result of the operation, the healing process progresses rapidly and patients have the opportunity to return to their normal lives.

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