What is Sperm Chip?

Sperm Chip is a type of sperm extraction tool used in IVF treatment. Sperm Chip, known as micro-fluid sperm sorting chips, enables the selection of healthy sperm without damaging the healthy and living cell and without damaging the tissue integrity. It helps to use healthier sperm in the vaccination process by sorting sperm that are in better condition and healthier in terms of DNA. In this way, the risk of unsuccessful trials is reduced and quality DNA is transferred to the baby. Sperm Chip technology pioneers the use of sorted sperm for use in IVF protocol.

What is Sperm Chip Application?

Sperm Chip application is made to choose healthy sperm from among the sperms; It is a non-invasive procedure. The sperm sample taken before the artificial insemination is separated as healthy and unhealthy by high-speed rotation method called centrifuge. However, according to experts, this method reduces sperm quality and decreases sperm count. Therefore, Sperm Chip application was required. This method is the separation of healthy sperm from unhealthy by itself. This happens as follows: The sperm fluid is enclosed in a chip. Healthy sperm injected into a canal with a width of less than half a millimeter are allowed to swim out of the channels in the chip and separate from unhealthy and dead ones. After this procedure, it was observed that the number of healthy sperm in the sperm fluid increased from 45 to 98.

How Sperm Chip Chooses Sperm?

Sperm Chip sperm selection process is selected with a micro-fluid technology. In this way, there are no signs of harm in the selected sperm. In other processes, there is a mechanical intervention. In the process called in vitro fusion, the sperm selection parameter is motility and morphology. However, the selection technique determined in this way does not measure sperm quality. This technique is not as successful as the Sperm Chip, since not every sperm that is moving can be used for fertilization. In addition, it was determined that there is a margin of error in the decomposition depending on the density difference used.

When is Sperm Chip Application Done?

The time of sperm Chip application is just before vaccination. When IVF treatment is applied for the first time, egg quality tests in women and sperm quality tests are performed in men. In this context, egg reinforcement, when necessary, sperm renewal and selection studies are started. The high number of dead sperm in the sperm, the immobility and weakness of the sperm, or the high number of poor quality sperm that will cause miscarriage in the case of fertilization in the sperm cause the selection process. The selected sperm is determined using the specified method. Therefore, just before vaccination, the Sperm Chip application should be performed and the sperm to be vaccinated should be determined.

Is Sperm Chip Application Approved by the Ministry of Health?

The Ministry of Health approval for the Sperm Chip technology has been given by the necessary regulations. T.R. Under the requirements of the Ministry of Health Medical Device Regulation and the CE certificate, the Sperm Chip falls into a type of non-invasive device category. In addition, according to the Global Medical Device Classification System, Sperm Chip is in the small equipment class used in assisted reproductive treatments.

Where is Sperm Chip Application Done?

The places where Sperm Chip technology is applied can be listed as follows:

IVF treatment centers

Andrology laboratories

In vitro fertilization centers of hospitals

• Medical laboratories

Apart from the specified centers, this application is not allowed. Besides, not every hospital is authorized for this application. It is important to apply after questioning the existence of this method in the hospital where you will apply for IVF treatment, in order to be able to use the method when necessary. Using this method in a hospital that does not have any permission to use the Sperm Chip method will cause serious harm.

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