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CYPRUS IVF CENTER provides couples who cannot have children due to any of the couples, to have a baby with in vitro fertilization treatment method. It continues its services with years of experience.


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IVF center enables couples who cannot have children due to any of the couples to have a baby with IVF treatment method. IVF center treatment is the process of placing the sperm obtained from the male by the egg collection method in the laboratory environment and the embryo obtained by artificial insemination into the mother’s womb.



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The only center that provides personalized IVF index.

The Highest Technology

We are the only center that performs painless procedures with the latest technology used in the laboratory and operating room.

Success Rate

We are the only center that offers a pregnancy success rate of up to 99% with at least 12 healthy and fertile eggs.

Expert Staff

We have a staff of doctors who are experts in their fields

Privacy & Security

We are the only center with a confidentiality agreement backed by ISO 27001 information security management certificate.

Strict Monitoring

We follow our clients closely throughout the process.


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