What is Ovulation Induction?

If ovulation does not occur due to various reasons in the process of ovulation induction, treatment is applied for ovulation. The treatment process in ovulation induction differs from patient to patient.

Which Drugs Are Used in Treatment?

Below are the medications given during treatment. The names of these drugs are as follows:

• GnRH Analogs


• Follitropins

HCG hormone

Natural progesterone

GnRH antagonists

GnRH Analogs

GnRH Analogs, which are used to prevent deterioration in the structure of follicles, are applied in the following ways:

• Decapeptyl: Daily or single injections.

• Suprefact: It is applied as a nasal spray.

• Suprecur: It is applied as a nasal spray.

• Lucrin: injections given daily or once.

• Synarel: It is applied as a nasal spray.

• Zoladex: It is applied as a single injection.

What is Intrauterine Insemination?

In intrauterine insemination procedures, sperms are transferred to the intrauterine cavity. Success is achieved between 15% and 25% in this process. This treatment method can be applied in the following situations. These situations are as follows:

• It is applied in cervical mucus problems.

• It is applied in ejaculation problems.

• It is applied in retrograde ejaculation.

• It is applied in cases of unexplained infertility.

• It is applied in stage I-II endometriosis cases.

• It is applied in infertility situations due to ovulation problems.

• It is applied in mild male infertility.

What are the Steps of Sperm Delivery?

Below are the steps for delivering sperm to a woman. These steps are as follows:

• First of all, the genital area should be washed clean.

• You should come to the andrology laboratory.

• When you come to the hospital, it is necessary to clean the ducts by urinating.

• At the end of the toilet process, the area should be cleaned.

• Towels are given by the attendant after the hands are washed.

• Sterile sperm should be put into the box.

• Semen washing process is applied.

• After all preparations are completed, the vaccination process is applied.

What Should Be Done To Increase Fertility?

Below are the factors that cause an increase in ovulation. These factors can be expressed as follows:

• Healthy nutrition increases the pregnancy rate.

• Light speed exercises increase the pregnancy rate.

• Relieving the subconscious mind increases the pregnancy rate.

• Dreaming increases the pregnancy rate.

• Being protected from sexual diseases increases the rate of pregnancy.

• Avoiding smoking increases the rate of pregnancy.

• Performing therapies increases the pregnancy rate.

In the appreciation of the above recommendations, there is an increase in the possibility of getting pregnant together with the doctor’s control. In addition, alcohol consumption should be reduced.


Biological Tests

Some of the recommended tests for pregnancy are given below. These tests are:

• FSH Test: If the result of this test is high or low, it has a negative effect on reproduction. For this reason, citizens should have the necessary treatments according to the test results in order to have a healthy reproduction.

• Estradiol Test: With this test, the status of the estrogen level can be checked. The low level of this hormone may indicate the onset of the menopause period.

• LH Test: With this test, it can be learned what the luteinizing level is. The emergence of polycystic ovarian condition occurs when this hormone is high.

• Inhibin B Test: As a result of the test, low values ​​mean less ovulation.

Performing the above tests is also very important for health. According to the results of the tests, the possibility of having children increases as a result of the appropriate treatments determined by the doctors and applying these determined treatment methods. With the treatments applied, patients should pay attention to their nutritional habits. In addition, some tests can be performed if deemed appropriate before ovulation induction.

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