What is Serum Treatment?

Serum treatment is used in IVF applications, strengthening the immune system and eliminating recurrent miscarriages. Serum therapy aimed at improving the immune system originally consisted of a combination of multiple oils. With this combination, the balance of fat and glycerin in the person’s body is regulated and in this context, the person’s immune system is strengthened.

What is Serum Therapy?

The definition of serum therapy means to regulate the body’s balance of the person with a mixture injected into the mother in order to strengthen the immune system, especially in IVF application. The content of the injected mixture is not concentrated or complex. Therefore, there are no serious side effects. Serum therapy helps the expectant mother to renew herself and eliminate pregnancy problems as it causes serious improvement in her immune system. Serum therapy can be applied not only in in vitro fertilization, but also in cases of frequent illness or to delay the effects of aging.

IVF and Serum Therapy

In vitro fertilization, serum therapy is used in multiple abortions. In post-vaccination trials, this method is applied when the fertilized egg results in miscarriage more than once. In IVF treatment, firstly, healthy sperm is selected and transferred to the mother. After the fertilization of the egg and sperm in a structured manner, the resulting embryo is expected to adhere to the mother’s uterus. However, it may not be possible for the fertilized egg to survive in the mother’s womb due to the deformities in the uterus, the thickness or thinness of the uterine wall. In this case, the egg leaves the uterus and is ejected. This condition is called miscarriage.

Miscarriage can have different reasons. However, the most common cause is the damage in the immune system and the collapse of the immune system. Although this collapse is highly caused by the structure and body changes, it is the most common problem in IVF treatment. Serum therapy applied in this case basically aims to improve the person’s immune system. In this way, as there will be changes in muscle tone, problems in the uterine walls are also reduced. In the vaccination process performed after serum therapy, the risk of miscarriage decreases, and implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus becomes easier.

How is Serum Therapy Given in IVF Application?

Serum treatment in IVF is given to the patient immediately after the standard IVF application. In vitro fertilization treatment is applied to the expectant mother. Then, special serum is attached to the mother on the day of embryo transfer. Depending on the mother’s immune system and body balance, at certain intervals, 5-8. It continues to be worn until the week. The aim is to ensure that the baby receives serum at regular intervals until the heartbeat sound in the mother’s womb is heard. Thanks to the serum given, the stronger immune system is effective in protecting the baby and adhering to the uterus. In addition, it enables the mother to have a more robust immune system in the post-pregnancy period. The frequency of applying serum therapy until the 8th week varies according to the mother’s immune system. While it is sufficient to apply once every two weeks for some mothers, it should only take a few days between two treatment sessions in some mothers.

When Is Serum Therapy Applied?

The time of application of serum therapy is after unsuccessful IVF attempts. Serum therapy should be used after approximately 3 unsuccessful attempts. Apart from this, women who have excessive miscarriage other than IVF can also apply for serum therapy.

Alternative Methods or Serum Therapy?

Comparison of serum therapy with alternative methods will justify serum therapy in all respects. Serum therapy, which is applied in recurrent miscarriages and painful pregnancies, gives more accurate results and is less expensive than alternative methods. The price of the application is very low compared to other alternative options. In addition, serum therapy benefits the mother not only during pregnancy, but also for life, as it strengthens the mother’s immune system.

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