Sperm Freezing Centers

It may be possible for men facing azoospermia etc. to have children with different methods.
It is known that sperm donation is a more preferred method in recent years.
Thanks to the methods that work with obtained ejaculation and semen samples, sperm samples are taken, frozen and ready for donation

Studies on this issue create a good opportunity for people to have a healthy child.

Sperm freezing centers and IVF treatment centers bring healthy results to people with common studies. Especially at the point of having children, these centers have reliable work for people in order to eliminate the problems that occur in human beings.


Sperm Freezing Centers and Services

At the point of reliable service and supply, sperm freezing centers are like an open door for people.

In addition to healthy services, at the point of people’s satisfaction, principled and quality works are in question here. With the help of extremely favorable and advantageous conditions, it is possible to see the tremendous support of reliable health centers to people here.

It is seen here that the needs of in vitro fertilization centers are met more consciously with opportunities in advanced and qualified positions



Frozen sperm is an important element that will meet the needs in the future. Cyprus IVF Centers must be shown as the right address for people who want to have a child and especially to take advantage of the opportunities in this regard. A reliable health center here will make a great contribution to you. At the same time, you can see the advantage results of the studies here more closely with qualified service and treatment methods.

Sperm freezing centers are a point that people must take into consideration in order to have children. Sperm stored under appropriate conditions constitute the infrastructure of children who will be born in the future. It is known that these centers undertake important tasks in performing a service such as sperm donation. With very successful studies, it is possible to evaluate especially in vitro fertilization methods with the advantages here.

Sperm Donation Prices

With the application of sperm donation, it is possible for people who are congenital or later, who cannot have children due to sperm production, to have children by applying to sperm banks. Sperm donation treatment can generally be preferred by people who cannot achieve success in azoospermic biopsies.

Generally, sperm donation is preferred by single women who want to have children or by lesbian couples. In order for men who have no sperm in their semen to have children, they can have children with appropriate sperm donation prices by using these and similar applications.

What is Sperm Donation?

Those who become pregnant with sperm donation are generally the result of the application providing 95% benefit. Sperm donation, in other words, sperm transplantation is a method applied in cases of inability to have children due to the inability of men to produce sperm for any reason. Thanks to IVF treatments, people with such problems can have children with sperm donation.

Sperm donation processes consist of many different stages. In order for sperm transplantation to be performed, the expectant mother must have suitable conditions for treatment. People with low sperm quality and no sperm production can have children by using these treatment methods.

Who Can Have Sperm Donation?

In order for the sperm transplantation to be applied, people must have appropriate characteristics. Generally, this process can be applied to everyone. Sperm donation application;

• Chemotherapy etc. people whose sperm production has been impaired due to treatments

Testicular patients

• Fiery etc. people whose testicles have been damaged by diseases

• People who have failed in IVF treatment due to sperm quality

• Persons under risk group due to consanguineous marriages and

• For single women

It can be done. After the appropriate sperm transfer is made to the expectant mothers who are suitable for the sperm donation procedure, the treatment process is controlled under the control of the doctor.

Sperm donation price will vary depending on the health institutions that provide services. In addition, the type and methods of treatment are the biggest factors in determining these prices. It is not recommended to use these services except professional health institutions.




How is the Sperm Donation Process Done?

Sperm donation treatment is a method frequently preferred by couples, especially in recent years. People who will receive sperm donation treatment go through many different stages. Sperm donation application stages;

• Expectant mothers are examined and passed through various tests.

Ovaries are prepared for transplantation using different methods.

• The development of the egg is followed and the process is accelerated with appropriate incentives.

• Sperm kept for 34 – 36 hours is transferred to the uterus.

After these stages, other stages of the treatment are passed. If the IVF method is preferred, candidates are prepared according to these procedures. The ovarian region is treated on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation. Egg development is provided for 7 – 12 days.

By following these steps, the sperm donation process is concluded. It is very important to follow the natural development after treatment.

How Does the Sperm Donation Process Work?

The sperm donation process starts from the first time the treatment is decided. After the institutional interviews and the tests made to the candidates, the suitable people are taken into treatment.

For the sperm donation treatment, approximately 15-20 days of drug treatment is applied. In addition, in the first two to three days of menstruation, egg reproduction procedures are performed with needle treatment. At the end of 12 or 14 days, collection procedures are started. Eggs taken from the mother are specially fertilized with suitable sperm.

Embryos are injected into the mother’s uterus within 5 – 6 days after the fertilization process. Approximately 12 days after the sperm donation procedure, the treatment results in pregnancy. Sperm donation price is determined according to the treatment methods and additional procedures.

Cyprus sperm donation prices

Cyprus sperm donation price is 4000 Euros including all expenses. There may be price differences depending on your transportation and accommodation options. For legal details and more detailed information, you can clarify the treatment details by contacting our doctor or patient coordinators.

Sperm Donation Prices 2021-2022

The ailment we call azoospermia is a headache for many people. It is very difficult to have children when there is no sperm in the semen. In such matters, treatment methods and recommendations of IVF treatment centers are very important. Specialist doctors and IVF treatment centers in Cyprus have revealed an explanatory treatment process for people on this issue. However, sperm donation prices appeared before people in 2021-2022 and showed the appropriate payment terms as the best option.

Quality services and healthy options reveal important results that many want to pursue. Experts, who review their labor and ability with reliable working conditions, continue to help people with the results they have achieved here.

Sperm Donation and IVF Treatment Methods

We know that IVF treatment methods are very diverse. In addition to this diversity, we come across with options that meet the needs, examination and treatment process. The centers in Cyprus do their job very well in terms of both cost and quality service. Especially from the moment you contact, sperm donation prices show suitable solutions such as 2000-4000 Euros in 2021-2022.

The results here in terms of proper service definitely reveal a healthy and advantageous solution for people. Likewise, it is necessary to review the evaluations made here in terms of quality with the best results together with reliable results.

Donation Fees 2021-2022

In terms of trust, quality and health, Cyprus IVF centers have really come to a very important place. In terms of the distance and advantages it has traveled, the health centers here continue to help people. While sperm donation prices show a good result in 2021-2022, it is also seen that the treatment opportunities realized here symbolize health and advantage for people. While the studies are very conscious, it is possible to evaluate people’s satisfaction under better conditions as a result of these studies. With the support of conscious and talented experts, we can see advantageous solutions in better conditions.

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