When we look at those who have egg donation in general, the probability of getting pregnant after the age of 35 is very low due to the significant decrease in the number of eggs and the quality of the eggs. In cases where the possibility of pregnancy disappears, it is possible to become pregnant with the egg donation method. The egg donation method can also be used in women who have gone through menopause.

In order to determine whether a couple who cannot have a baby due to eggs is suitable for this treatment, first of all, the man should have a sperm test. If the result of this sperm test is found sufficient by the doctor, the treatment is started.


Cyprus  egg donation  begins with the physical characteristics of the couple who will start the treatment during the treatment process, blood groups or a suitable donor that they will choose for themselves. It is ensured that the menstrual cycles of the person to be treated with the donor come to the same period. In this way, while the tissue of the person’s uterus is thickened, it is time for the donor to collect eggs. The eggs collected from the donor are combined with the sperm of the man on the same day and fertilization is achieved. The eggs that become embryos are then injected into the woman’s uterus. If desired, the collected eggs can be frozen for later use.

Cyprus  egg donation is  a beacon of hope for many couples who cannot have a baby. Women who enter menopause at an early age will no longer produce eggs, so there is no possibility of getting pregnant under normal conditions. In such cases, egg donation, also known as egg transplantation, is one of the most preferred methods. Persons to be donated eggs should be adequately informed in every sense. All rights of the baby owned with this transaction belong entirely to the buyer couple. The donor has no rights over the baby.

If there is no donor preferred by the recipient, the donor and recipient party are kept strictly confidential from each other in the IVF centers of Cyprus  egg donors. And there is no sharing of information. All the information of the donor except the identity information is transferred to the receiving party. Cyprus egg transplant application is an application with a very high success rate that can make couples happy to have a baby.

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