One of the most discussed issues in the azo sperm women’s club is the azoospermia disorder seen in men. Azo sperm is a condition in which a man has no sperm in the semen. It is a treatable disease. The absence of sperm in the semen means that the man will not have a baby with natural methods. This discomfort is mostly caused by obstruction in the sperm ducts. Or it may be caused by a defect in sperm production.

So, are there any symptoms of this ailment?  One of the most discussed issues in the azo sperm women’s club is whether there is any symptom of this ailment. This disease has no symptoms. However, it is a condition that can be understood by performing a sperm test. The semen is of normal color and appearance. Before the sperm test is performed, sexual intercourse should not be experienced for 3 days or the man should not ejaculate in any way. This should not be extended for more than 3 days. Because in more than 3 days, the number of sperm increases, but the quality and mobility of sperm decreases. At the end of these 3 days, the male goes to a test center and empties into a container given to him. The sperm count is determined by examining the semen in a laboratory environment. The result can be obtained the next day.

In azoospermia due to obstruction, sperm formation occurs, but because the channels are blocked, semen cannot be ejected. In the case of azoospermia due to sperm production, sperm production does not occur due to various reasons.


Azoospermia at the women’s club One of the most curious subjects is how to treat this ailment. In order to start treatment, the cause must first be determined. In order to diagnose, 4 different tests are required from the person. These tests are spermiogram repeat test, hormone analysis, genetic examinations and testicular ultrasound. After these examinations, a urology specialist decides what kind of treatment should be applied. If the discomfort is caused by obstruction, the obstruction in the channels is opened with a surgical procedure and the sperm is expelled. Afterwards, pregnancy is expected by normal means. Sperm collection from the testicles is performed by surgical methods in the case of a production disorder. This process is called micro-TESE. With this method, small pieces are taken from the testicles and in this way, both the testicles are not damaged and the possibility of reaching more sperm is increased. One of the most important issues in this process is the selection of the doctor who will perform the procedure.  According to the results of the azoospermia women’s club, the choice of the doctor is very important in this treatment. The doctor’s experience in this area and the frequency of performing the procedure are very important in terms of finding sperm.

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