The most curious thing for couples who want to have a baby from the first moment when the fetus begins to form is the gender of the baby. With the developing technology, it is now possible to learn the gender of the baby by ultrasound after the 16th week. However, in order to learn the gender of the baby from ultrasound, a certain development must be completed. Therefore, the sex of the baby can be predicted to a great extent with two methods called the calendar method. These methods include the  Chinese calendar and baby gender determination chart. and the Russian calendar. However, the oldest method used to determine gender during pregnancy is the Chinese calendar. This method, which has an accuracy rate of 98%, has been used in China for about 700 years. By knowing the age of the expectant mother and in which month she became pregnant, the sex of the baby can be estimated using this method. The age of the expectant mother is intersected with the month in which she became pregnant.

Predicting the baby’s gender according to the graphic above is not a scientific method, but it is one of the methods that pregnant women find fun and use a lot. The science and technology used effectively today did not exist hundreds of years ago. People were trying to determine and understand various things according to the movements of the stars. It can be said that the science of astrology developed in this way. We can say that the Chinese calendar and baby gender determination chart  is a method based largely on astrological calculations. It is an undeniable fact that although it does not have a scientific aspect, it gives seriously accurate results.

In the method called the Russian calendar,  unlike the  Chinese calendar and the baby sex determination chart , an estimate is made on both men and women. Based on the birthday of the mother and father, the calculation is made on the last menstrual period of the mother. While estimating gender is easier in the Chinese calendar method, this method requires a more specific calculation. While the Chinese calendar is based on astrology, the Russian calendar is mostly based on blood renewal.

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