It is no longer impossible to have a baby in our Cyprus IVF center. Timing is very important for pregnancy to occur. Women can only get pregnant during their menstrual cycle. When the egg and sperm come together at the right time, pregnancy can occur. A woman is born with her eggs. Over time, as the woman ages, her eggs age with her, and the quality and number of eggs begins to decline greatly. For this reason, the probability of having a baby decreases with age. However, today, with the rapid progress of technology and science in parallel with each other, even women who have entered menopause can have a baby with the in vitro fertilization method. Likewise, a man is born with his sperm, and his sperm ages with him. For this reason, just like women, the probability of having a baby decreases as men get older. However, couples who have completely exhausted sperm can have babies with the method called sperm donation by using the in vitro fertilization method. For example, men younger than forty are more likely to have a baby than men older than forty.

In vitro fertilization treatment is carried out for couples who cannot have a baby in many IVF centers around the world. Although this situation is somewhat more restricted by law in Turkey, in  vitro fertilization is  one of the most preferred options in Cyprus . According to the statistics made in search engines, the most searched and clicked Cyprus IVF women’s club research is the most obvious indicator of people’s curiosity in this direction.

Egg donation carried out in Cyprus IVF centers is one of the methods applied in cases where the expectant mother cannot become pregnant naturally. With the method called egg donation, even a woman whose eggs have completely lost their function can have a baby. In cases where the eggs of the mother-to-be are intact but the sperm of the father-to-be have lost their function, it is possible for the couples to have a baby with the treatment method called sperm donation.

The fact that Cyprus is also a beautiful holiday destination is among the main reasons why Cyprus is preferred for this treatment. Since IVF treatment is a treatment method that does not require hospitalization, couples can have a vacation in the best way while receiving treatment.

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