Egg donation prices vary depending on where the operation takes place. The most preferred country for egg donation is Cyprus. The price of a procedure in Cyprus is around 5.000 Euros, considering only the hospital expenses. However, considering the requirements such as additional costs and medication costs, the amount can be up to 6,000 Euros.

What Affects Egg Donation Prices?

The factors that determine the prices of egg donation are the country and the hospital where you have performed the procedure. Egg donation is the process of taking the egg from the donor to fertilize it and placing it in the uterus of the expectant mother, since the eggs of the expectant mother are fertile (lost fertility). Egg donation process is not legal in Turkey. For this reason, you will have to obtain permission from foreign countries and visit these countries. Countries where egg donation is legal are predominantly in Cyprus, Spain, England, America and Germany. Although the amount spent during the hospital stay varies according to the individual, the cost of a procedure to be performed in the USA for example will be approximately $ 10,000. In addition, the amount can be up to 15,000 USD with additional expenses. The best place in terms of price and reliability is in vitro fertilization centers in Cyprus.

Cyprus is the best place for egg donation. In the case of an application for egg donation, the prices of the procedure vary according to the states in the country that accepts patients within the framework of health tourism by making the procedures quickly. However, it is recommended that the hospital to be used should be selected well for the procedure, which varies between 4000 and 5000 Euros.

Where Is Egg Donation Performed Most Appropriately?

The country that can be preferred for egg donation at an affordable price and quality is Cyprus. The price of an egg donation to be made in our Cyprus IVF center is approximately 4,500 Euros on average. Medicine and travel expenses are not included in the price of egg donation.

Where Is The Most Successful Egg Donation Performed?

The most appropriate place to have a healthy egg donation is in Cyprus, where the most successful and experienced IVF doctors are located. . Success rates go up to 87%, as all health test procedures are applied by selecting quality eggs from young donors. The egg donor is carefully selected as the eggs taken in the egg donation process will be transferred to the mother’s body. In many under-the-counter centers abroad, eggs are taken from prostitutes, and children to be born due to this situation may be at risk for serious diseases such as HIV.

In addition, the ethnic origins and characteristics of the owners of the eggs obtained from foreign sources should be investigated. It is known that egg donations abroad, especially in countries such as Crete and Spain, belong to Ukrainian and Moldavian women. Therefore, in the egg donation process performed here, infectious disease or genetic risk status is seen to be high.

The egg donation process performed in our center is under the control of the Cyprus Ministry of Health and is carried out in accordance with the ISO 27001 information security certificate and the laws in a way that does not risk the health of the person.

Features Required by Those Who Want to Donate Eggs

The characteristics of those who will donate eggs are determined as follows:

• The person must be between the ages of 22 and 29

• She should be a healthy woman and should not have any problems with fertility.

• Must not be using drugs.

• There should be no problem with the tubes.

Egg donors; investigated in terms of infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis B and C, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, chlamydia) genetic diseases (karyotype analysis and cystic fibrosis screening), blood groups and Rh conditions were determined, patients with certain ethical origin were screened for thalassemia and sickle cell anemia are healthy and fertile people.

• While choosing donors for egg donation treatment, physical characteristics such as skin color, eye color, hair color and body structure of the patient are chosen to be as similar to those of the recipient couple as possible. Additionally, ethnicity, blood type, and other physical characteristics are matched to the recipient couple whenever possible.


Who Can Have Egg Transplantation

People who can have egg transplantation can be listed as follows:

• Those with low egg quality

• Women who have problems with egg formation and have problems with the presence of the egg

Women who have gone through menopause

• Women who produce infertile eggs due to tube tract obstruction

People with the specified characteristics should have an egg donation. In this way, with the transfer to be made, they can become mothers even after menopause.

Cyprus Egg Donation Price

The price of Cyprus egg donation is 6000 Euros including all costs. There may be price differences according to your transportation and accommodation options. For legal details and more detailed information, you can clarify the treatment details by contacting our doctor or patient coordinators.



Egg Donation Prices 2021-2022

In cases where women who want to have children suffer from egg problems, egg donation may sometimes be necessary. The researches and solutions made in terms of services and costs on this subject are very important. At the same time, different methods of people who want to have children need to be reliably reviewed.

Egg donation prices show reasonable conditions that can really be afforded in 2021-2022. It is necessary to review the advantageous options at the solution point for people with the supply system and reasonable price ranges. IVF treatment centers in Cyprus continue to be reliable and conscious addresses to meet these and similar needs.

Egg Donation IVF Treatment

IVF treatment methods have many different and qualified results. Especially with the applications, it is necessary to evaluate the options that meet your expectations in terms of reasonable prices. Egg donation prices reveal figures such as 4800-600 Euros in 2021-2022. These reasonable figures symbolize attractive options put forward to the satisfaction of many. It is of course much easier to achieve healthy results with the integrity of the service that is affordable for the price.

Egg Donation Fees 2021-2022

It is necessary to evaluate the quality and advantageous results here with very successful works and fundamental service integrity. It is necessary to evaluate the satisfaction of many people with reliable results here. Egg donation prices demonstrate both numerical and quality integrity in 2021-2022. Customer satisfaction and important advantage conditions, together with the opportunities it creates here, reveal an important chance for people.

It is necessary to evaluate the solutions that people have followed for years in terms of quality service and customer satisfaction. In order for a healthy child to be born and the family to provide unity, Cyprus IVF centers have a great contribution to people. These contributions and advantages have to shed light on people about service quality. Along with a healthy service, the solutions and advantages here should be evaluated by everyone who needs it.

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