Gender selection prices are usually around 5,000 to 8,000 Euros. However, there is a price difference depending on where the transaction is made. In addition, in the gender selection process, there is no difference in price between male or female gender selection. However, expenses such as additional flight tickets, additional expenses incurred during hospitalization are not included in the specified prices. With their calculations, a total expenditure of approximately 10,000 Euros will be required.

Countries for Gender Selection

The countries where gender selection is allowed are the countries more than 20 in Europe. Turkey relations but not necessarily in the calendar called IVF treatment centers, there are many who claim to determine the sex of the baby with a method. Moreover, since there is no transaction, this situation is seen as quite legal.

Choosing Your Gender

Gender selection is an in vitro fertilization procedure performed by selecting the fertilized egg of a girl or a boy. The only advantage of the transaction is not the right to choose the gender. Since the choice is made between fertilized eggs, it also gives the chance to give birth to a genetically disease-free baby.

During the selection of sex in the baby, it is explained which genetic diseases the boy or girl may have in case of fertilization between a male or female baby. Babies are diagnosed before they are born by performing a procedure between embryos with female or male sex. A baby girl or a boy is selected according to the pre-diagnosis. It’s not just about choosing a baby girl or a baby boy. In fact, in the presence of many genetic conditions such as Down syndrome, monosomy, trisomy, it is reported and the work is done to give birth to a genetically healthy baby. In this way, apart from the baby girl or boy, the parents also prefer a healthy baby without genetic diseases.

Advantages of Gender Selection

The positive aspects of the gender selection process can be listed as follows:

• Gives parents the right to choose the gender of the baby before pregnancy.

• It ensures that healthy babies are selected in procedures performed with older women.

• Provides healthy pregnancy after imputation and healthy embryo transfer in recurrent miscarriages and unsuccessful attempts.

• It decreases the chance of multiple pregnancy and increases the chance of conceiving a single child as desired.

• Thanks to the chance of choosing a healthy embryo, problems that may occur during pregnancy are prevented.

• Clinical pregnancy rate increases.

• From the beginning of pregnancy, a healthy pregnancy and birth is guaranteed over 90%.

• The risk of being born with genetic diseases is almost nonexistent.

Who Can Make Gender Choice?

People who can choose the gender can be listed as follows:

Couples with suspected genetic disease

Couples using IVF treatment

Women with recurrent miscarriage

Women who have adherence problems due to unhealthy embryo

It can benefit from the opportunity of gender selection.

How to Choose a Gender?

The stages of gender selection proceed as follows:

• Following the patient’s approval, the egg maturation process is performed.

• Eggs are collected after the egg maturation process, which starts in the menstrual period and lasts for 15 days.

• The eggs collected under anesthesia 36 hours after the cracking injection is fertilized in a laboratory environment.

• Fertilized eggs are genetically examined in the laboratory using the biopsy method.

• Gender selection is made by informing the family about male and female embryos.

Cyprus gender determination price

The gender determination price in Cyprus is 5000 Euros including all costs. There may be price differences depending on your transportation and accommodation options. You can clarify the treatment details by contacting our doctor or patient coordinators for legal details and more detailed information. Cyprus IVF Centers are prohibited from applying preimplantation genetic screening for gender selection purposes. In case of medical necessity, it can be done with special permission.

Gender Selection Price in Total

IVF gender determination procedures can be performed. Using advanced technological tools, which are generally used in IVF centers, and especially preimplantation genetic screening for gender determination, are both ethically and legally prohibited. In cases of medical necessity, gender selection can be made. For these reasons, it is not possible to quote prices for gender determination and gender selection.

IVF treatment is frequently preferred by people who cannot have children using natural methods. In vitro fertilization treatment is initiated by transforming the egg taken from the mother and the sperm taken from the father into an embryo under suitable conditions and transferring it back to the mother’s womb. It is possible to determine the gender while selecting the appropriate embryo during these stages. But this application is currently prohibited. Gender selection price is therefore not available.


Is Gender Selection Possible in IVF Treatment?

Is there gender determination in IVF, what are the gender determination centers etc. questions are among the most curious questions about in vitro fertilization treatments today. Thanks to many methods applied during IVF treatment, it is possible to determine the gender. However, this application is prohibited. It is possible to determine the gender with permission only if it provides health benefits.

Sex determination is not a guaranteed method. Even if the desired result is achieved to a large extent, it can be mentioned that there is a 1% – 2% margin of error. The gender of the baby, which is one of the most curious issues of the pregnancy process, is predetermined in in vitro fertilization treatments.

In which IVF application, gender selection can be made?

PGT in vitro fertilization, also known as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, is used in in vitro fertilization treatments to solve the genetic problems that the tissues previously had. In this way, the most ideal embryo is prepared by eliminating the problematic data that are not open to development and placed in the mother’s womb. During this process, gender determination procedures can also be applied.

With the method performed by taking 2 tissue samples and testing them, all genetic elements including the sex of the baby can be detailed.

IVF Treatment Gender Selection Prices

People who take out PGD in Turkey can have an idea about the sex of the baby beforehand. However, this method is not recommended by medical centers and experts. Examining the most suitable sample and placing it in the uterus in a healthy way is the main goal of IVF treatment. Therefore, gender selection is not an option offered in in vitro fertilization centers.

The genetic characteristics and gender of babies can be determined using the PGD method. However, depending on the aforementioned reasons, gender selection price was not determined by these centers. This process can be applied in some countries abroad.

Advantages of PGD IVF Treatment

The advantages of IVF treatment are quite high. Thanks to this treatment method, which supports the realization of the wishes of people who cannot have children, the gender and genetic characteristics of the children to be born can be learned in advance. Among the advantages of PGD method;

• Gender selection

Storage of health embryos with freezing process

• Decrease in multiple pregnancy

• Increase in clinical pregnancy rates

• Healthy embryo selection etc.

Many other advantages can be mentioned. sex selection in the centers in Turkey are done for now.

Who Can Benefit from the IVF Gender Determination Method?

Although it is possible for in vitro fertilization treatments for now, gender selection cannot be made. Not doing this procedure has advantages as well as disadvantages. With the PGD method used during IVF treatment, embryos that are suitable for health can be selected. Apart from this, it is not possible to choose a gender. Gender selection price is not determined by the institutions for these reasons. The samples taken from the spouses are examined and the most suitable embryos are transferred for pregnancy.

Gender Selection Prices

It is known by everyone that people who cannot conceive children normally prefer Cyprus for IVF treatment. However, the services provided here are very extensive and comprehensive. Sperm donation, egg donation and different in vitro fertilization methods provide people with an important opportunity. You can have an important chance in Cyprus regarding gender selection, which is prohibited in many countries.

Gender selection prices were announced very appropriately in 2021-2022 and attracted the attention of people. In a way, with its health tourism services, Cyprus continues to be a point and address that attracts people all over the world. Reliable and healthy studies on this subject have been going on smoothly for years. The satisfaction of many people has shown an important response with the serious work here.

Cyprus Preference for Gender Selection

In addition to its healthy and high quality service, Cyprus is really the choice of many people with its reliable working understanding. Here, it is possible to see the best quality results of IVF treatment methods. Gender selection prices show reasonable figures such as 4700-6500 Euros in 2021-2022. Here, it is very important to evaluate the satisfaction and especially the expectations of many people with a healthy service integrity. Cyprus and in vitro fertilization centers, which are preferred by many people for service, continue to create a really suitable result.

Gender Selection Cyprus Prices

In the current period, quality services have come together with appropriate numbers. At the point of choosing the gender of the children, you have been presented with an important chance and opportunity. The advantages you want to consider here will create truly remarkable results for you.

You can take action and make the right decision without stopping. However, qualified services will continue to create important solutions just as you expect. As human health is very important, a health center that both protects health and fulfills people’s wishes is the point of interest. Opportunities in this regard are spread out to you in Cyprus. You can review gender selection prices 2021-2022 opportunities without wasting any time.

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