In  vitro fertilization treatment, which is one of the methods used by couples who choose gender and cannot have children, has also become one of the methods used by those who want to determine the gender of their baby. This is mostly preferred by couples who have had a baby before but have not had a baby of another gender. For example, couples who have had 3 girls but no boys resort to in vitro fertilization with the logic of having one baby boy. This procedure, which is still not done legally in Turkey, can be performed in Cyprus IVF centers. Those who prefer IVF treatment to choose their gender can choose Cyprus IVF centers to have this procedure done.

Couples considering IVF treatment for gender selection generally do not want to take risks and want to make sure that their baby is different. They are treated with 99% certainty in Cyprus IVF centers. This treatment method is actually not much different from the normal treatment method. The sperm and eggs taken from the couple themselves are turned into embryos only in the laboratory environment. After performing this treatment in Cyprus, it is known that routine controls can be carried out at any desired place, and birth can take place in any desired place. The first period of pregnancy and the ongoing process are the same as normal pregnancy. However, those who want to choose a gender must have two children beforehand and both children must be of the same gender.

Gender selection has a very high success rate, especially in individuals younger than 35 years, due to the high number of eggs and egg quality. It does not require hospitalization throughout the treatment process and the treatment period is a maximum of 20 days. When the pregnancy test result is positive, the person continues the normal pregnancy process. For this reason, many couples apply this treatment during the summer, as Cyprus is also a holiday region, both receiving treatment and vacationing.

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