The gestational week in IVF is calculated based on the most recent menstrual cycle. In order to make the most accurate calculation, the person to be calculated must know the last menstrual cycle and the day of the first menstrual period. It is possible to calculate the gestational week in IVF by adding 280 more days to this date. However, since most people find out that they are pregnant with a delayed period, they calculate from the date they realize they are pregnant. It leads to the wrong conclusion. If the person does not know the exact date of conception, an approximate judgment can be made about the time of delivery from the ovulation and menstrual cycle.


Pregnancy calculation method of women who get pregnant with IVF method may differ from normal pregnancy. Because some drugs used in IVF treatment can be misleading in the date of the last menstrual cycle period. In IVF treatment, egg collection, embryo collection transfer, blascokit dates are accepted as the starting point for pregnancy calculation.

For example, the date we call the embryo transfer date for IVF pregnancy calculation corresponds to the second week of pregnancy. Because fertilization of egg and sperm cells takes place in 2 weeks. It is possible to say that after the embryo is placed in the uterus, the date of birth will correspond to 265 days after this date. Unlike this, there may be cases where more than one embryo is placed in the mother’s womb. This is called a multiple pregnancy. This pregnancy method is more risky than normal, but this method generally increases the probability of pregnancy more. In the case of multiple pregnancy, the pregnancy calculation method is the same as the calculation method used in IVF treatment.

Unlike all these, if multiple pregnancy is not considered in the in vitro fertilization method, the existing embryos can be frozen for future use. When pregnancy is successful with one of these embryos, it is estimated that the pregnancy is 2 weeks in the two weeks after the embryo is placed in the mother’s womb. And in this way, the average time of birth is determined. As with other IVF pregnancy calculations, the egg collection process is not included in the pregnancy calculation process.

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