Being a surrogate mother is a practice that is known today but has not yet been fully accepted by many people. Basically, surrogacy is no different from IVF treatment of motherhood. All processes are implemented similarly. The most basic feature that distinguishes it from IVF treatment is that the samples taken from the couples are transferred to a different person, namely the surrogate woman, instead of the mother’s womb. In this respect, surrogacy is the rental of the womb. The child will still belong to the spouses and all genetic factors will be taken from the family.

Surrogacy is now a legal practice in many countries. Many institutional medical centers provide this service. Surrogate mother prices  are determined according to the application method. Surrogacy, which is usually done on a voluntary basis, can be used for different purposes today.

What is the Scope of Surrogacy?

It is possible for spouses to have children under surrogacy . This method, which is basically used as a reproductive method, is the process of giving birth to the babies of the couple in a different uterus. In the laboratory environment, it is possible to combine the eggs and sperms taken from the couples and turn them into embryos, and as a result, it is possible to initiate pregnancy by transferring this embryo to the appropriate uterus.

People who cannot have children due to health problems can ensure that their children are born in the appropriate womb with the application of surrogacy. Today, two different types of surrogacy are practiced. These;

  • The method in which the surrogate mother uses her own egg
  • The method in which the parents’ eggs are used

It is divided into two. It is possible for a surrogate mother to have a child both biologically and as a surrogate. However, the commonly used method is the transfer of the embryo with samples from the mother and father.

In Which Countries Is Surrogacy Legal?

The legal basis of surrogacy is regulated in the laws of many different countries. This method, which has just started to be implemented in Cyprus, is legal in many different European countries. Among the countries where surrogacy is legal;

  • Cyprus
  • Britain
  • Portugal
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Holland
  • Georgia

Our Cyprus IVF center offers a more flexible application model with personalized treatment methods compared to other countries in terms of surrogacy.

What is the Difference Between Surrogacy and IVF?

Surrogacy and IVF  are basically based on the same elements. In both methods, samples taken from families are combined in a laboratory environment and transferred to the uterus. The main difference is that the embryo created outside the uterus is placed in the womb of the surrogate mother, not the original mother.

In countries where postpartum bindings and legal bases have not yet been clearly established, this practice can only be done for health purposes. For this reason, people who want to benefit from the surrogacy application optionally may have difficulties. In  this context, the price of surrogacy will vary according to the practices of medical centers.

Relationship of Surrogate Mother and Baby

Genetic factors in surrogacy are a matter of curiosity. In the surrogacy practice, children carry the characteristics of their original parents in every way and become their children. Children born by surrogacy carry the genetic characteristics of their parents. He has no ties to the surrogate mother.

The surrogate mother cannot claim any rights over the children. These people are only responsible for providing the appropriate environment for the development and birth of the baby and helping the baby to develop under normal conditions.

Who Is Surrogacy Application Suitable For?

Surrogacy is a method used by people with a womb that is unsuitable for congenital or subsequent delivery due to health problems. People who cannot have children naturally can have children using this method. For this, the surrogate mother must have the appropriate characteristics. The cost of the surrogate mother  and the application methods differ according to the application method of the treatment and other factors.

Cyprus Surrogacy Price

Cyprus surrogacy transfer price is 7000 Euros including all costs. There may be price differences depending on your transportation and accommodation options. For legal details and more detailed information, you can clarify the treatment details by contacting our doctor or patient coordinators.

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